Cheryl Roberts'  is a Singing Teacher & A Professional Classical / 1940'S Singer for 'Weddings' , Corporate 
Events & Private Parties' .  

Who is Cheryl Roberts?
I am a Vocal Graduate from the' Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama' , and i Currently Teach a wide range of Singing styles, to a Variety of age Groups and
abilities in Caerphilly and South Wales.

" I Believe that Singing lessons are the ideal building block in gaining better 'Self - Confidence and Self Esteem'. They provide a clear method for 'relieving stress , bringing a child out of their shell , improving Cognitive, Motor and Social Skills , and even help to achieve vocal projection , Clearer Speech and Diction'".

As i Perform regularly throughout the UK & Abroad as a' Soprano Soloist' , Forces Sweetheart ,  i know from first hand experience just how scary it can be to stand up in front of a large audience or your Closest family and friends .
So whether you would like to be the next winner of X Factor or just perform a Solo at your School Talent Show, or simply Wow all your family & friends at your local weekly Karaoke Night ,  i can help, by teaching you methods that will allow you to adapt to any style of singing you choose:).

Who can Learn to Sing ?
Anyone can learn to sing ! , Singing is after all a universal language and is a great way to communicate with others, have fun and express yourself .
I can teach you as an individual, train you up to be the next local duo , or teach you as part of a group .
 So If your thinking of starting up your own band with your closest friends,or are a Parent and Child / siblings who have always enjoyed performing together, then group lessons are for you .They provide a fun relaxed way for you to learn to sing to harmonize. inspire, support and encourage each other and spur each other along .

So if like me you have always wanted to Sing then please visit my teaching page and the rest of my site :).

Thank You 
Cheryl Roberts

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